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Rawon, East Java Foods legendary

Indonesia has a diverse culture and customs are different. Each region also has a typical mekanan respectively. As well as East Java, would not be separated with a number of distinctive food. Ressepnya was awake until hundreds of years. One food that is still popular in East Java today is rawon. The food is typical of East Java has a unique flavor, and perhaps the only one soup with black color.

According to the culinary connoisseur, Bondan Winarno in his 100 ak nyus Jakarta, black color of the mixed fruit rawon papayas. This fruit only grows in marshes and is capable of producing nikamat and savory flavors. Moreover, substances in fruits able to produce herbal aroma to dishes.

In general, kenikmatanolahan rawon consists of things, other antaa processed meat, the quality of the broth, and spices used. Rawon with good meat quality will resulting in enhanced flavors. Meat used is usually kemdian fibrous flesh diced, texture must fit, not epuk and not loud.

For rawon broth, made using beef bones boiled water that is not too greasy. Then spice blend is also important to produce refined rawon delights.

As a rule rawon presented using salted egg, bean sprouts short, prawn crackers. And for those who like spicy, shrimp paste sauce is very suitable to be mixed with rawon.

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