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Tricks to Keep Nutritious Cooking Vegetables

Some people may not know how to prepare dishes that nutritional content is not lost. This includes when cooking vegetables, there are many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in vegetables that Beik for kesehtan.

But if you are one of the eating process the contents will be lost. To learn how to cultivate vegetables is important, especially for women who love to cook.

To gain the maximum benefit from the content in vegetables, you should be careful in cooking. Note the following review!

Cook by steaming
Steaming vegetables is the best way to keep the nutrients in vegetables. But keep in mind is if you want to steam vegetables in large quantities then you have to wait for the water to boil and then input the vegetables with a time antara5-10 minutes.

Cooking with roasted
Memenaggang vegetables are also good to keep the nutritional value. This makes the vegetables are not damaged, begutu also with color textures. Before grilling is recommended that you apply the oil to prevent sticking.

Cooking with sauteed way
Many argue if sauteing vegetables are relatively healthy. There are two ways of writing, ie writing by using a curved face with a fire and stir-fry using a flat pan with a fire that is not too large.

Cooking by boiling
This method is not recommended because many nutrients are lost. But if you are forced to adopt it then, wait until the boiling water and cook over a short time.

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