Rabu, 30 September 2015

Benefits Muaythai Sports for Women

Initially this sport better known as a sports utntuk men. But lately a growing number of women who choose this sport to maintain his fitness.

This sport comes from Thaland 1000 years ago. Muaythai is a sport that mengagabungkan martial arts techniques and exercises. Initially this sport synonymous with violence, but over time this sport began using security, such as helmets, boxing gloves, and rules to maintain safety.

The factor that makes many women are interested in is to practice Muay Thai has great benefits for the body, especially to lose weight. Movement in muaythai believed to make the entire body of work so that they can burn fat. At the start of heads, feet, fists, knees, and elbows.

Many of the techniques used in Muaythai. Variations of movement needed to maintain cardiovascular health so that build muscle and lean body.

In addition, many women chose this sport because it is able to burn calories faster. Maintain a healthy heart, and is believed to make the skin taut. Bonuses in the can of this sport is able to increase self-awareness to protect themselves.

However demekian, this exercise is vigorous exercise that required caution to avoid injury. Choose a trainer or a gym that has been experienced. Before doing muaythai you are advised to warm up that are not easily injured.

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